Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Exciting Announcement!

I know, I know.

I've been MIA for like, 3 and a half months after PROMISING I was going to be focusing more on blogging this year.

I still intend to keep that promise, and I have some exciting news!

After a few months of brainstorming, planning, designing, writing, and editing...I have finally started a new blog.

I decided I wanted to start a clean slate, and believe me, I'm going in with a bang. My first post is QUITE personal, but it's something that has been weighing on me. I struggled with posting it -- and seriously considered not -- but everywhere I turned, the issue seemed to come up, so I ultimately decided to suck it up and press publish.

I'm really excited about my new blogging journey! You can check out the new site, Wonderfully Made, here:

(Notice the confusing URL. All the good ones were taken. Hopefully someday I can purchase my own domain.)

I would so appreciate it if you would go follow me there, as I will no longer posting here. If you like what you see, please feel free to share! I am hoping this new blog will be an encouragement to all who read it.

And don't worry, not ALL of my posts will be as serious as this first one. I will be doing more of those, but I still have PLENTY of stories to tell.

Thanks, y'all, and I hope to see you over at Wonderfully Made!