Monday, July 18, 2011

The Most Amusing Things On the Planet:

Little kids.

Or, more specifically, little boys.

Little girls are hilarious, too. But there's just something about boys that makes everything more hysterical. Maybe I think that simply because I'm a girl. But check out this conversation between two little boys I was babysitting the other day, one three and one five.

(Note: I missed what started this conversation. We were eating popcorn and I wasn't 100% sure what exactly was going on. But, it doesn't really matter. The conversation is still extremely entertaining.) 

3-year-old: Are you tricking me? 

5-year-old: Maybe. 

3-year-old: If you ever do that again, I'm going to pull my sharp knife out of my pocket! 

5-year-old: I'm going to pull out my sharp sword and cut off your head! And I'm going to put poison in your popcorn and then throw it in your mouth!


3-year-old: I already have poison in my mouth. 

5-year-old: Then you're gonna die!

Did I mention they were laughing the whole time? I mean, it was seriously the cutest/most hilarious/slightly shocking thing I've ever seen in my life. Is it not?

Babysitters live for these moments. This is why we do what we do. It makes every moment worth it.

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