Friday, July 22, 2011

Welcome Home.

Day after day, time after time
Nothing seemed to be going right
I'd try to be happy but always would fail
The happiness always was just a thin veil

I searched and searched but never could find
The missing piece to my peace of mind
So once again, I'd wear my mask
And lie through my smile if anyone asked

I needed help, so finally, I cried
And when I did, You opened my eyes
You showed me exactly where I went wrong
And where my happiness had gone

So I'm making some long-needed changes, at last
I'm setting a fire to the bridge of my past
And I'm burning the ashes--there's no turning back
To the haunting ghost of the life I now lack

I'm letting You in as I should have before
I never meant to lock the door
And I'm giving You complete control
Over my mind, my heart, and my soul

I'm ready to follow wherever you go
So, come on in, Lord! Welcome home.


  1. I love you! :) you know im always here if you need me

  2. I debate whether or not to say who this was. But I knew that You would figure it out. Since, other then Meagan, the only people who know about this blog are a few guys who found out by your slip of the tongue ;) But as I said before, this is a really awesome poem. And those changes in your life are showing. And as I also said before I wish I could write something half as good and cool in 20 Mins :)

  3. This is really awesome, Kayla. Good job! 20 minutes--really? :O


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