Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Once Beating Heart.

 (This is a poem I wrote today. I'm not the best poet, but I wanted to share it anyway.)
There's a hole in my heart needs mending
It longs for a love unending
But a wound this deep is hard to heal
For it bears all the weight of its rending

The incomparable pain my heart feels
The sensation is so surreal
My heart carries the burden which
My outward disguise won't reveal

There's only one remedy for heartache like this
Only One with love deep enough for the stitch
His love is enough for my poor, broken heart
Lord, my heart is now yours to fix

He fills what was empty, a Master of art
He pieces together what was torn apart
When He is finished, the beat does impart
At last, I'm refreshed, ready for a new start


  1. kayla! you are a wonderful poet! i am amazed! great job girl!

  2. you wrote this in one day?! fabulous job girlie! :)


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