Sunday, December 25, 2011

Reunited At Last.

Is it just me, or does that sound like the title to some corny love song?? For some reason I picture Rick Astley singing it...I have noooo idea why. I just do.

Anyway, regardless of what the title may sound like, this post is NOT a sappy love story. Promise.

It is, however, the story of two best friends who were separated (by, like, thousands of miles...) when they were seven and then FINALLY, for the first time in several years, got to meet up due to the fortunate scheduling of a wedding in Kansas.

Yeah, I took a picture of a sorry about the poor quality....
This picture was taken when I was like, hmm...probably about 6. I am the one in the blue. The one in the pink was my best friend, Abby. We were pretty much the coolest kids around.

Abby's family is originally from Kansas. They moved down here for a few years so that Abby's dad could attend seminary. Once he graduated, they moved. To CANADA.

By the way, Canada is REALLY FAR AWAY. I know it's only like one country north of us, but trust me, it's quite a few miles. And it seems like even more when you're best friend is living there.

So, because Canada is super far away, I rarely got to see Abby after she moved. Sad, I know.

About 4 years ago, their family happened to be passing through town and stopped by. Here's a picture:

Us, the Conners, and the Myers. Remember this was 4 years ago...we don't still look like that...
That was the last time I saw her, up until last weekend.

Last weekend, Abby's older sister Sarah got married. And, because we were such good friends with the family, we decided to go to the wedding. (All the kids have graduated and moved back to Kansas now, which is where the wedding took place.) So, we packed up and went to Kansas.

And I got to see my best friend for the first time in 4 years.

Here's a picture of us today:

Me and my beautiful best friend.

Last weekend was a great one.

Please enjoy these other fun pictures from Abby's and my childhood:

Look how awesome we are.

I'm telling you. Coolest kids around.

Probably my favorite picture. Ever.

Okay, so I may have gone a little crazy with the pictures...but it was hard to choose!

Also, this weekend was also pretty fabulous. But I will post about that later (I'm not specifying a day this time since that didn't work out last time...).

So stay tuned if you want to hear all about the best Christmas EVER.

(Now you have to come back. I practically ended on a cliffhanger.)

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