Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Timeline of My Day.

A day in the life of me...please enjoy, and then thank the good Lord that you are not me. :-)

7:15 am: Get up.

7:35 am: Leave for work.

8 am: Arrive at work.

10:30 am: Power goes out and fire alarm sounds.

10:35 am: PANIC!

10:40 am: Firemen arrive.

10:45 am: The girls decide to evacuate.

10:52 am: We discover that a transformer exploded and all the power in the area is out.

10:55 am: Employees are sent to work at home.

11:15 am: Arrive at home.

11:30 am: Begin work at home.

11:40 am: Receive call from supervisor. Power is back up.

11:45 am: Leave for work.

12 pm: Arrive at work. Discover that power is on, but Internet is down.

12:37 pm: Internet is back up. Happy day.

12:38 pm: Resume work.

1:30 pm: Computer begins going slow.

1:35 pm: Computer is still going slow. I think I'll reboot.

1:36 pm: Computer is rebooted but won't let me log in.

1:38 pm: Reboot #2.

1:39 pm: No success.

1:45 pm: Let's try this again.

1:46 pm: Nope.

1:50 pm: Inform tech guys that my computer has once again failed me. Find out that others are having this problem as well.

2:40 pm: Computer still down. I'm bored. Decided to try out the Blogger app on my phone. It works.

To be continued...

[Update:] My computer never did start working. I got off work at 4, having only completed about three hours of work (I was working 8 hours). Thankfully, nothing else went wrong the rest of the day. I was prepared for the worst at this point. lol

Also, please take note that I was not the cause of the computer malfunctions. I DID NOT DO ANYTHING WRONG. This proves my theory: I am not technology challenged. Rather, technology is Kayla challenged. It just doesn't know how to handle me. I'm too cool for it. Yeah, that's it.


  1. That sounds like a rough day :/ I sowwy big sister! Although the bright side is, you've not got a blogger app on your iPhone :)

  2. Oh yay! It's good to know the app works, I have it but haven't tried it yet. Cool! :)

  3. i'm sorry you're having a tough day. i noticed that on your gmail status this morning. :\ hope it got better.(:
    thanks for your comment...i think that the t-shirt quilt is a great idea. i've thought of getting one done myself. i just this morning saw an add in better homes and gardens magazine for a t-shirt quilt company who makes them!(:


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