Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Triumphs and Trials.

I wrote this in history class the other day. (I know, I'm a slacker...I normally take notes, I promise.) I call it "Triumphs and Trials," even though those words aren't actually anywhere in the poem. (Just go with it--it's artistic.)
It feels like a wonderful day to be alive
There's no doubt about it--you've succeeded again
Your smile widens, your eyes brighten, as joy sets in
But Chaucer says, "All good things must come to an end."

An unwelcome guest, soon failure arrives
Your jovial face soon turns grave and somber
You wish the happiness could have stayed longer
But deep down you know this is making you stronger

See? Short and sweet. I was only distracted for about half of class. No big deal.


  1. I do that. My mind gets tired from the textbook I'm reading and it wonders. Then I want to put the thoughts that come to paper and so I stop and write them. I love times like that. I love what you wrote too. You're a very talented writer, Kayla. Thanks for your comment on my post about my little Valentine buddy. Yeah buddy, I agree that kids make the best Valentines :)



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