Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Once In Four Years.

This is a completely random post. But I was just thinking. Four is a magic number.

I mean seriously, think of all the things that only happen once every four years.
  • Leap years
  • Presidential elections
  • Olympics
That's all I can think of right now. But then I also think it's interesting that you go through four years of high school followed by four years of college.

AND I think it's funny that ALL of these things are happening in the same year. It's a leap year, the Olympics are coming up in July, and we elect a new president this year. Oh, AND this year marks the end of my 4 year prison sentence...ahem, I mean...high school experience....

I really wanted to end this post by saying that if you add up all the numbers in the year 2012, it equals 4...but then you would question my math skills, which although are severely lacking, are not quite that bad. Sooooo instead, I will end by pointing out that the year 2012 has 4 digits...just like the last 1012 years...but that's not important.

Happy Leap Day!

And if you happen to be celebrating a birthday today...then congratulations! You finally turned 5! ;)

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