Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Muddy Marathon.

Disclaimer: The title of this post is a misnomer. A 10K is not a marathon. I'm just a big fan of alliteration.

Today, I did something completely out of character for me and ran (well, walked) a 10K and hurdled over obstacles (the ones I didn't skip) and swam (waded/slipped/drowned) through mud.

I, along with several of my coworkers and their families, all participated in the Mud Run this morning: a 10K with obstacles, most of which involve getting muddy.

It was actually kind of fun. Exhausting, but fun. I would tell the whole story, but I think the pictures are pretty self-explanatory. (Note: I normally don't post this many pictures. But these are priceless.)

The before picture of our whole group.

 The high school crew--before, clearly. My hair is crazy.

 Before part 2. We look thrilled. Meagan looks like Gene Simmons.
 Ha, I still look clean, even though at this point I've been through several obstacles.

 I make an awesome model.

 There were literally about 10 of these crawling obstacles. My knees are so 
scratched up from that. haha

 Jumping into about 8ft. of muddy water.

See how clean I look? 5 seconds later, muddy hands attacked my face. 
No more clean face for Kayla :(

 The after picture! Meagan looks like she's about to throw up...hahaha.

 I love the handprint on Ellen's face.

Afterwards, we got hosed off with FIREHOSES!

It was cold. I did not stay standing there very long.

Me and Christopher--happy to be clean!

 Me and Stephen!

Me and Tyler! He makes me look short.

I have girl friends, too, I promise...I just don't know what happened to the pictures I had with them...

Overall it was a good time. Though I have to say, I have never been happier to take a shower.

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