Monday, June 4, 2012

Proof of Graduation.

And now, I present you with the pictures of my graduation know, in case you didn't believe that it actually happened. :)

Before the ceremony.

Giving my speech. I look so into it.

Getting a character award.
These next three pictures are a series of my diploma receiving...

Wait a minute...that's not my name......


Apparently I wasn't over it least I had the right diploma.

Turning our tassels to the....left. We didn't know which side it was...we just made sure we
all were on the same side. 

Throwing our hats. You'll notice mine is still on my head. No one told me it was time.


More family!

Christopher! (He wore my favorite shirt :D )


Mom and Dad!

Uh...Grandma? What are you doing to me....?


Math buddy sandwich!

My beautiful display board that my mommy made!

There you have it. I've got to go because it's breakfast time, and then I have a date with Shamu. :) Yay for vacation!

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