Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Immune System is Cruel.

I know it's only been a couple months since the last time I was sick, but I forgot how much I hate it.

The sleepless nights. The not being able to breathe. The constant dilemma of "Am I hot...or am I cold?"

It ain't fun, y'all.

I've worked at my job for a little over two years now, and never once have I called in sick or left early. And I've probably been sick like 50 times since I started working there.

I just...I have this thing. I don't like to miss things just because of a stupid virus or whatever. Life's not gonna pause just because I have a little cold. Which means I'm going to miss out...I'm going to get behind in my classes and in work and everywhere. So, you know, when I'm sick, I go about life as normal. I go to school, I go to work, I go to church, etc.

But today was different. So many people at work are sick right now and everyone was practically yelling (nicely, of course) at me to go home so that I don't get the rest of them home. I was kinda brushing it off until about an hour in I started feeling really, really bad. I think I may have had a fever.

Anyway, I left. I left. This is unheard of from me, and my perfect-attendance-while-sick record has officially been shattered.

But in all seriousness guys, I feel miserable. Normally I don't describe it that way, but normally when I have a cold, I don't feel this bad. The only other time of felt this bad was two sicknesses ago, back in March.

Man, I always get sick at the worst times.

In March, I got sick right before a play at school. I had a fever and everything. I skipped school that day but I still had to do the play. My fever conveniently broke right after the play ended.

Then, the last time I was sick was at HEART. During the third week, when we were all ready for the thing to be over and go home and sleep in our own beds and just be by ourselves for a couple hours. So like, I had already crashed and burned from the previous two weeks, and then my body was all "Hey! Let's kick her while she's down!" and gave me a cold as well.

And now? I have a test tomorrow. I'm babysitting Friday and Saturday. And I'm singing in church on Sunday. Now, I will probably (hopefully) be better by Sunday, but band rehearsal is tomorrow night. singing voice right now sounds somewhere in between an old bass-toned man and a screeching, tone-deaf cat who has just been mauled by a bear. Not a pleasant sound.

So hopefully that little situation will have resolved itself by Sunday, because tomorrow's not quite as important....but yeah. This was not a good week to get sick.

So yeah...ugh.

I feel bad.

I'm gonna go sleep or take a hot bath or...something that will make me feel better that doesn't involve doctors or drugs. Because I'm against those.

[Update: I published this and then found a million typos for which I blame my sick brain. They have been left here for your entertainment. In case you were wondering.]


  1. I hope you feel better soon! I know being sick is not fun. Drink some tea, if that's your thing. It always helps me feel better when I'm sick.
    Kristin @ The Great Perhaps

  2. Your againstness of meds and doctors will be the death of you :p

    1. Or over-consumption of sugar. Or tuberculosis. Personally, though, I think sugar sounds like a fun way to die.


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