Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 Christmas, somewhere around 1996.

Thursday is Thanksgiving, which means that Friday is officially the day that it's socially acceptable to start celebrating Christmas. YAY.

Here's why I'm looking forward to the holiday season. Alphabetically, of course, cuz I have a thing for alphabetical lists.

Candy canes
Christmas music  
Christmas parties
Christmas shopping
Christmas trees
Giving gifts
Holiday in the Park at Six Flags
Hot chocolate
New Year's Eve
No school
Receiving gifts
Santa Claus 

I kinda wish I could have made that in the shape of a Christmas tree....

I kinda go back and forth about being excited for Christmas, but this year I am SO FLIPPING EXCITED. I'm going to bring a little Christmas tree to work to put on my desk. I am going to be SO festive this year.

And I discovered last year that I love giving gifts. It's actually a lot of fun when you put thought into it rather than just, you know, buying a gift card on Christmas Eve. I've already got some fantastic ideas for my friends/family.

I'm also excited to do some fun things this year that I've never done before, like:

1) Going to Holiday in the Park at Six Flags
2) Going Black Friday shopping
3) Going to the "Parade of Lights" downtown, where they light up the giant Christmas tree for the first time
4) Throwing a New Year's Eve party

At least, I think all those things will be happening. Nothing's been set in stone yet but...I will make them happen. 

So, to sum up this post...Christmas, I'm ready for you and all the sugar-coated joys and holly jolly happiness you bring. Sooooo ready. And if it was socially acceptable to celebrate before Black Friday...I would have been celebrating since July. 

Friday cannot come fast enough. 

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  1. Christmas is the best! I'm super excited this year too. I don't know what it is about this year. I want a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. If I had my own desk at work, I'd get one.
    Kristin @ Serendipity


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