Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Inside the Devotional of a 7 Year Old.

So, today I found this old devotional from when I was probably about 7 years old. And the things that were written inside were too golden not to share. Please enjoy the following devotional questions, 7-year-old me's answers, and 19-year-old me's sarcastic commentary.

Why do you think God wants you to know His name? 
I think God wants us to know his name we can tell other people about Him instead of just saying "that guy that lives in Heaven."

{Good point, 7-year-old me.} 

Make an acrostic of your name using words across that tell about you.
K: Kind
A: Angelic
Y: Youthful
L: Ladylike
A: Awesome
R: Radiant
O: Obedient
S: Scentful
E: Enchanting

{Can you tell I was super girly?}

Draw a picture or take a snapshot of a family member's nose, ears, mouth, etc.
My mom's nose, lips, and chin:

{The resemblance is really quite shocking.}

Why did God create light?
To do stuff.

{Another great point.}

Why do you think God made the stars so far away?
So they don't set the world on fire.

{Yes, I'm very glad God thought that one through!}

What would you want God to show you if you could see anything?
Samantha (a girl I was playing against on the computer).

{Samantha must have been a pretty special opponent to have beat out Europe or "the future."}

Share a memory with God of a time you've sinned. Ask God to forgive you. If you were mean to a person, ask him or her to forgive you.
I've already done this.

{Well, then.}

Write down the things God saw you do today.
Today, God saw me play on the computer, eat 6 poptarts, play with the puppies, play hula girl, go to the church, Hobby Lobby, Hancock's, my cousin's house, request a song, watch TV, listen to the radio, get ready for bed and write in this book.

{SIX PopTarts?! In one day?! No one wonder Dad won't buy them anymore!}

Do you have quiet places at your home? Where? No!
Plan a time, with your parents' permission, when you can meet with God in one of these places. OK?
Sit in a quiet place and tell God you like to be alone with Him. Sure.

{Is it just me, or is this devotional getting a little bossy?}

How can you know God is real? Look in the Bible.
How do you look for God? In the Bible.
How can you show others God is real? Give them a Bible.

{Well, the Bible DOES have all the answers.}

And then the next 180 pages are blank, because though my answers to these questions have changed over time, my short attention span has remained the same (evident by all the books and devotionals and the like that have been sitting on a shelf or in a box waiting to be finished for years now). Maybe someday I'll get to finishing things...but today is not that day.

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