Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Just Can't Catch a Break.

Y'all know how I love my TV shows. (If you don't, see my last post). Well, I'm currently kind of in between shows because I finished Veronica Mars (in ONE WEEK, ladies and gentlemen. I'm not sure if that's a talent or an illness, but it's impressive either way) and I am waiting to borrow the DVDs of my next show -- Downton Abbey -- from a friend.

I'm super excited about Downton Abbey. I've heard it's amazing. Hopefully I will be getting the DVDs on Friday. That should occupy me for a few days at least.

As I was saying, I'm in between shows. I'm kinda watching New Girl on Netflix, which is pretty funny but I haven't gotten hooked on it yet so I'm not spending every spare moment watching it. Plus I'm almost done because there's only one season on Netflix. Though I do have a free two weeks of Hulu Plus I've been saving. I'll have to look into that.

ANYWAY. I'm also watching regular TV. Like today I discovered we have the game show channel again. I love me some game shows.

I got tired of watching game shows (mainly because I can't play along with Minute to Win It), so I was flipping through channels and came across a show that I used to watch with my family ALL THE TIME but haven't in a few years -- So You Think You Can Dance. I know nothing about dancing but I enjoy watching it so I got excited and started watching.

For some unknown reason that cannot be explained by anything other than an act of God because it makes absolutely no sense, it has been raining all day. In Texas. In AUGUST. Rain in the summer is not a normal thing here.

But everything is bigger in Texas, so we don't just get "rain." No, we get the whole shebang. The whole lightninging, thundering, pouring, LOST-SATELLITE-SIGNALING shebang.

After the first dance the satellite decided I watch too much TV (true, but not for the TV to decide) and dropped its signal. And I sat on the couch in silence for the next ten minutes staring at a signal-less TV.

And THEN, something magical happened. It started searching for a signal. A box popped up that said "Searching for signal. This should not take more than 5 minutes."

And TEN (not five) minutes later, it came back! *happy dance*

For a whole five minutes, and then it changed the channel because TOO MANY THINGS WERE RECORDING.

 How I was feeling at this point. Minus the wheat field.

And I'm like, are you kidding me? All I wanted to do was watch a nice dance show and Dish Network was not cooperating.

So I canceled some recordings and fixed it so that I could watch my dance show, thank you very much. Because it was really important. Because, like...yeah. It just was.

And then I ate some snickerdoodle blondies to make up for the hard hour I had. Because I DESERVED IT, dang it.

OH MY GOSH. I just realized it's Tuesday. No wonder the whole world was against me today.*

*The whole world being the TV. Obviously.


  1. This was hilarious!! Unfortunately I too am addicted to TV... I have finished every Doctor Who episode currently available to me (it was a sad day) and watched the entire first season of Broadchurch in less than a week (it was only 8 episodes...). I am also in the midst of New Girl. And Scrubs. And Once Upon a Time. And How I Met Your Mother. You could say I have a problem...

    1. I watch almost all those shows too. I refuse to watch Doctor Who, because I'm so behind already...it would just not be a good idea to start. Once Upon a Time is one of my favorites! I was able to catch up pretty fast. I've seen all but the most recent season of HIMYM since it isn't on Netflix yet. And Scrubs is on my list! As well as about 15 other shows. TV addicts unite!


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