Monday, September 23, 2013

An Early Birthday Present.

[Background information: My birthday is on Wednesday.]

*The doorbell rings, Mom opens the door and comes back in with a package.*

Mom: Someone got an early birthday present!
Me: YAY!!! Can I open it now?!
Mom: I don't know, we might have to make you wait!
Me: Who's it from?!
Mom: It's from a boy!
Me: A boy...? [Internally: What boy would be sending a birthday present to my house...?]
Mom: Yes, a boy named Tom.
Me: Tom? [Internally: Do I know somebody named Tom?]
Mom: Someone named Thomas!
Me: Thomas? [Internally: Do I know somebody named Thomas?]
Mom: Thomas EDISON!
Me: YAY! [After briefly thinking, Isn't he dead?! -- then I remembered that's the name of the college I graduated from last week.]

I'm a diplomatic! 

Soooo I'm *officially* official! And the words say (if you're wondering): "The Board of Trustees, upon recommendation of the President, hereby admits Kayla Rose Holiday to the degree of Bachelor of Arts with all of the rights, honors and privileges thereunto appertaining. In witness whereof, the seal of the College and the signatures of the President and the Chair of the Board of Trustees are here unto affixed this thirteenth day of September, two thousand and thirteen."

In other, less fancy words: I graduated. (On Friday the 13th...)


I will be accepting congratulatory cash gifts starting now through September of 3013. (I also have a birthday in two days, so if you want to double the cash amount to cover both things, that is also acceptable.)

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