Thursday, November 21, 2013

50 Random Things About Me.

Today I'm participating in my very first link-up with Rita at Fighting Off Frumpy!

This is actually the perfect link up for me, because I actually started writing a "50 Things About Me" post months ago, but never finished it because I was afraid people would think I was narcissistic.

But now that it's a link-up, I have an excuse. I tried to make it as random as possible to guarantee that there will be at least one thing on here you don't know about me.

Check out mine, check out Rita's, and then join in the fun!

Without further ado, a list of 50 [really] random things about me.

1. I am doing either one of two things when listening to music: singing loudly at the top of my lungs, or, in situations where it would be inappropriate/embarrassing to sing, pretending I'm a character in a movie/TV show.

2. I tend to eat one to one and a half meals a day, plus some snacks. Except on the rare occasions that I'm suddenly STARVING all day long. On those days, I eat about 7 meals (for realz, this happens).

3. I love books, but not reading. I'm the worst reader. I'm super slow and I have a short attention span and unless I'm REALLY into a book, it will take me approximately 3 years to read it. I can't remember the last time I was only reading ONE book, because of my tendency to start a book, forget about it, start another one, forget about it, and so on.

4. I turn into a ninja when people try to touch my neck. Catlike reflexes, people. Don't do it. I am not responsible for any injuries that may result from an attempt to touch my neck.

5. I love watching basketball, football, and hockey. I mean, I don't specifically set time aside to watch them on TV or anything, but when I do watch them I enjoy them.

6. I hate driving. Mainly because nobody else is as good of a driver as I am, and they always try to hit me because they're jealous of my magical driving skills, like using my blinker and yielding to people with the right of way. (Skills that are hard to grasp, I know.)

7. Spiderman is my favorite superhero. And I like Andrew Garfield more than Tobey Maguire.

8. There are few things in this world I excel at. Which is okay, because I'm not competitive. But I hold on for dear life to the three things that I am good at. Sometimes people mistake this for competetive-ness, but really it's just a self-esteem issue (like, I MUST REMAIN THE BEST AT THESE THREE THINGS OR I MIGHT CRY).

9. Human personality is a subject that I find fascinating. I love learning more about it, and trying to figure out other people's personality types when I meet them. I'm usually right.

10. I think I'm hilarious.

11. When I go to old-timey looking places, or scary places, or anything of the sort, I like to make up a story about the place and pretend I'm part of it.

12. I can't stand the flavor or smell of cinnamon. I like it fine as an ingredient, i.e. mixed with other things and baked like in spice cake or cinnamon rolls, but on its own, or in gum form, or in soap form (we had a cinnamon scented soap once and I couldn't use it), I will die. For real.

13. If I had a super power, it would be teleportation through time. So not only could I just show up wherever I wanted in nothing flat for free (Trip to Europe? No problem.), I could also show up wherever I wanted in any day, month, year, or century that I wanted. ("Laura Ingalls Wilder's house, 1882." Poof. "Hey what's up Laura?!" Best. Day. Ever.)

14. I was born in the wrong time period. 1860s or 1950s for me, please.

15. Sometimes I wish I was blonde. Just for the sake of being blonde. But then I think I would look weird, and I fall in love with my dark hair all over again.

16. I love exploring/going on adventures.

17. I'm the worst car owner. Ever. My brake light was on for 6 months before getting it checked out. My registration was expired for a month before I noticed. My inspection was expired for 3 months before I noticed, and then I went to get the inspection and discovered that my insurance card had expired, as well. I went in for an oil change 4000 miles past due, and there was absolutely no oil left in my car. I don't know what 90% of the buttons in my car do. However, I am very good about keeping it clean. That part I'm good at.

18. The only time I update iTunes is when I get a new computer and have no choice but to download the latest version.

19. I am easily amused by squirrels.

20. I am always afraid to be the first person to go after a red light turns green, just in case I'm imagining it.

21. I am fascinated by stars. I want to move to the middle of nowhere just so I can marvel at the stars every night.

22. For a similar reason, I keep my blinds open at night. I like seeing the stars/moon (if visible) when I'm lying awake in bed.

23. I like to pretend I'm on American Idol. I come up with different themes and sing a song that fits, and the judges always, ALWAYS love me.

24. I also like to role-play future conversations that I may or may not have with certain people. Kind of like rehearsing my conversation with someone before I actually have it. It rarely works out though, because I can never quite be sure what the other person will say in response.

25. I don't like spending money and I hardly ever do it.

26. I can be really shy and quiet and I'm terrible at small talk, but I LOVE getting to know people. (And analyzing their personalities, of course).

27. I love animals. Particularly small furry ones, but I really love them all. (Except spiders, but they don't count).

28. I have a weird obsession with World War I. It's my favorite war.

27. I like trying to be witty. It doesn't always work but I do my best.

28. I love musicals and I want to see them all.

29. I don't take offense when people make fun of me. I'm easy to make fun of. I get it. I make fun of myself all the time. (As long as I know you actually love me and are just joking.)

30. I cannot recall a time when something good happened to me on a Tuesday.

31. I often find myself wishing I kept a notepad and pen in my car, so that when I see my friends' cars in parking lots, I could write them notes and leave them on their windshield. I've never done this, though, for fear of looking like a stalker.

32. I could watch game shows all day long. Seriously. I've never seen a game show I didn't like.

33. I have this weird obsession with the baking aisle at grocery stores. Shopping for regular groceries? Eh. Shopping for clothes? Exhausting. Shopping in the baking aisle? Oodles of fun and I could stay there forever.

34. I don't really care for movies that much, but I have a terrible addiction to TV shows. My symptoms include falling in love with fictional characters, watching TV for 12 hours straight, and yelling/screaming/crying/hyperventilating at 2am when the season finale ends on a cliffhanger.

35. Don't shoot me, but I think cats are better than dogs (even though I LOVE dogs). I really don't understand why so many people hate cats.

36. I would rather receive an encouraging card or note than flowers. I'm terrible with flowers; I forget to water them, so they die, and then I forget to throw them away so I just have dead flowers sitting around for 6 months. Sweet cards/notes, on the other hand, I read over and over and save forever.

37. That being said, if you were to buy me flowers anyway, I like daisies. Because they are the happiest flower.

38. I have only thrown one party in my life, and I really enjoyed it. However, it was a lot of work and kind of expensive so I'm not sure I'll ever do it again, at least not to that extent.

39. I am currently learning how to decorate cakes. I've wanted to learn for awhile, the main reason being so I could give wedding/birthday cakes to friends and family free of charge to help them out if they are on a budget.

40. I LOVE birthdays. Not just mine; anyone's. I really don't even know why. I just get so excited when someone has a birthday.

41. I've been to about 20 states, but only three of them are west of Texas.

42. The only two sweatshirts I own are from the two places you would never expect I would need a sweatshirt: Hawaii and southern California.

43. I don't like dim lighting.

44. My favorite commercial is the one for the green KIA with the hamsters that get makeovers and then dance to Lady Gaga's Applause. Cracks me up every single time.

45. I haven't had caffeine (except for in a few life-or-death situations where I have only had caffeinated drinks to choose from) in...10ish years. (Chocolate doesn't count).

46. Even though I didn't really care for high school, there are some things I really, really miss about it. Junior high on the other hand, you couldn't pay me to go back to.

47. I am great at Facebook stalking. I can find ANYONE on the internet, and I'm not even a little bit ashamed.

48. My cousins' dog chipped my tooth when I was about 10 years old. The dentist never fixed it, so that tooth is still shorter than all the others.

49. I was a competitive swimmer for several years when I was younger. One time, my ears popped underwater and got water behind the eardrum. It's still there, and my ears pop every time I swallow. I also can't go very far underwater without getting a terrible earache and having to use rubbing alcohol to dry out the inside.

50. I quit swimming because it got too competitive. I was in it for the fun, and when I moved up a level and got a new coach, she yelled at me and made me cry because I wasn't swimming fast enough. I also felt like all my friends who I was once faster than were getting better than me, and it just wasn't enjoyable for me anymore.

And thus ends my very long list that was much harder to compile than I thought it would be.

Let me know if you decide to participate -- I'd love to learn more about you (see #26)! :)

{Update}: 51. I don't know how to count. There are actually 52 things on this list (53 if you count this update), because apparently I think that the numbers go 26, 27, 28, 27, 28, 29.

Oh well.

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  1. Yay! Thanks for linking up! I love finding out that I have so many random things in common with people.

    #6 - Driving - I hate it too. It makes me nervous. I've never been in an accident (while I was driving) or even had a speeding ticket, but I'm afraid my luck is going to run out sooner or later in that department.

    #17 - My "check engine" light has been on since like July. I need an O2 sensor but since the car functions without it, hey.

    #28 - My grandfather fought in WW1. He kept a journal the whole time he was in the field and had some AMAZING stories to tell. I don't know if you read it already, but I put an excerpt from his journal in this post:

    #42 - I have a sweatshirt from Cancun! Haha!

    #43 - Dim lighting bugs the CRAP outta me.

    #47 - Me too ... I am a super Internet sleuth!

    Thanks for playing along Kayla! I was worried that no one would! You're awesome. :)


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